Have you set your stone?

By | April 19, 2016

Have you set your stone?There is a lot to learn when you become a Freemason, there are signs and symbols, methods of recognition, and more that a few words that have be memorized. As a new member you may be directed to an older member of the Lodge, a mentor, or the Lodge Education Officer, to guide you through the process until you can walk the path on your own.

Once you’ve finished the path, you’re declared a Master Mason and I congratulate you. Now the real work begins, you need to set your stone.

I’m not speaking literally, but as a Freemason you need to contribute something to the Craft. That might be something as simple as showing up to help serve a meal, it might be offering to help with transportation for some of the members, or it might be as large as being Master or Secretary for your Lodge.

The point is that you have a responsibility to give back, to your Lodge and to the Craft. There is nothing more pleasing to those that sponsored you into the Fraternity than to see you find your place and set your stone in the work being done. Nothing makes a man feel is worth more than when he accomplishes something that helps another, and that’s what you do when you set your stone.

Some will set but a single stone while others may set many, each according to his inner dictates and abilities. You must determine for yourself how many stones you will set.

So I charge you to find that rough stone, sculpt a Master’s piece, and set it among the others in your Lodge. Do it not for the sake of the piece, not for the pride you will likely feel for the job well done, but so that you can further the Craft and pay it forward for the Brothers that will come after you.