The Successful Lodge – A Review

By | August 12, 2016

A common theme in the book - communicate.This week I took my own advice, hit the books and finished a recent addition to my library, The Successful Lodge: Best Practices in Freemasonry.

The book is an interesting read. It’s not a “cookbook” of practices that will make your Lodge successful. Instead this book presents the viewpoints of 70 different members of the Fraternity on what they feel would make a successful Lodge. While there were quite a few different thoughts on what makes a Lodge successful there was one major theme that ran throughout – communication.

I’ve written about the need to communicate over informing and this sentiment was echoed in the text. There is a consensus that in order for a Lodge to succeed it needs to define what that looks like. Once success is defined, the Lodge then needs to communicate a plan to get there. The brethren of a Lodge need to share their thoughts. The conversation needs to be a dialogue, not a monologue. The lack of communication will kill an organization and a Lodge is no different from any other.

There are other themes that show up in the book.

  • The need to have a strong core of officers,
  • The importance for a planned calendar of events.
  • The need for a good secretary.

That’s the list I took away as the top ones to look at in my own Lodge.

While the book relies heavily on the 21st District in Ohio the material is valuable to any Lodge and I would recommend picking up a copy for your library. The book is a quick read. You’ll only need an afternoon or two to read it. Of course, it’s simple to read it, it’s another matter to pick up the tools, get to work, and set your stone.