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Scot NewburyHello and welcome to my corner of the web!

I know, I know, I’m supposed to write this in the third person and load it up with keywords, phrases, and other items to draw in the search engines but that wouldn’t really help you get to know me would it?

In a story not too unfamiliar to those who, like myself, have several generations in the Fraternity, I found myself joining a Lodge where another member of my family was a member. For me that was St. John’s Lodge #1 in New Hampshire where my father had been Worshipful Master. I was just 21 at the time. While I don’t recall much of the summer of 1990 when I joined, I do remember dad being there every step of the way, including being my mentor as I went through my degrees (I do still remember the words, “where’s your book,” being spoken every time he saw me).

Fast forward a few years and in 2005 after having gotten married, started a family, and moving several times, I finally decided it was time to get active in a Lodge and affiliated with St. Mark’s Lodge #44 in Derry, New Hampshire. Of course, active ended up being jumping into the deep end of the pool, taking an office, and just a few years later sitting as Worshipful Master in 2009 and 2010. I followed that up with a trip to the Marshal’s chair before landing in the Secretary’s office for two short years in 2012 and 2013. It’s an office that I then returned to late in 2016 and continued to fill during 2017.

In addition to being an active member of my local Lodge I was given the opportunity to serve as the District Deputy Grand Lecturer for my Masonic District for the 2017-2018 Masonic year. I should note, that while I frequently stand in Lodge to cover various educational topics, the Lecturer position is focused on helping the Lodges in my District improve their ritual work. It’s at times challenging but is very rewarding especially when a Brother thanks me for the help and suggestions.

As you can’t have too many dues cards in your wallet, I also belong to Anniversary Research Lodge #175, The Masonic Society, and am a Fellow of the Grand College of Rites.

I’m also the Chairman of the Advisory Council for Union Chapter, Order of DeMolay, an organization I belonged to in my youth. If you’re not familiar with it, its mission is to help young men develop the skills they will need later in life. It’s very similar to the Boy Scouts in its aims. As I was a Scout in my youth and both a Webelos Den Leader and an Assistant Scoutmaster as an adult, giving to this organization seemed only natural.

I hope I’ve shared enough so you have an idea of who I am as a Freemason. Of course, I’m not just a Freemason, I have other interests as well, I’m an avid reader on many topics, still have a semi-active gaming group (Magic the Gathering is our current game of choice), and when I’m able to, play the piano. I’ve been married for 24 years and have three great kids (most of the time), two cats, and a dog.

Finally, I want to let you know that this site is about sharing my thoughts and ideas. These are my thoughts, and should not be considered the position or opinion of any other individual, group, organization, and especially a Grand Lodge.

Hopefully something here on the site will be of interest to you, if not, feel free to reach out to me, I’m always interested in topic ideas and what others are thinking.



Scot Newbury

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