It shouldn’t be just one person doing it all

By | March 22, 2016

It's about teamwork - Scot Newbury

So often in our lives we come to rely on someone to help us out. It’s great to have these individuals in our lives and many times they turn into mentors for us. They teach us things we need to learn and help us to understand what we don’t. Sometimes they just help us to determine which we are dealing with.

Sometimes they are that person for a whole group and help everyone push themselves just a bit further and together we achieve something we didn’t think we could. Often they are right there in the trenches with us pulling their share, urging us on. They give us an example of the type of person we want to be.

The challenge we face is to not become reliant on them. Yes, we want them to help us but all too often complacency sets in and we decide, without realizing it, to lower our own bar. We decide to not push quite as hard, after all, “John will be there, he’ll cover it.”

The most striking example I can give is the ritual in our Masonic Lodges.

Does your Lodge have one Brother who always presents the charges? Maybe there’s just one Brother who renders the history lectures? How many have said that they would like to learn those parts but never seem to? It’s not that we don’t want to on some level but because there is someone else who steps up to help, to get the Lodge over that hill, we let them. They are always thanked and they are appreciated. They likely even enjoy providing that service to the Lodge, they are in many cases the backbone of our Lodges.

The trouble is we are letting that one Brother carry the Lodge. Whether it is with ritual, knowledge of the history of the Lodge, or, understanding of our Grand Constitution. It is scary to think what would happen, heaven forbid, something befall that Brother. I had occasion to see just such an event when one of my Lodge’s Past Masters went to the Celestial Lodge above. He was a wonderful ritualist and unfortunately one of those Brothers we took for granted. While his parts are now being filled it took help from other Lodges to get us through because we relied on him for those parts. Dick, you are still missed to this day.

So the next time you see that Brother stand and deliver considering talking with him after the event and find out how you can become “that guy,” and help out your Lodge and maybe help mentor a few more along the way.