Strength to Support

By | February 2, 2016

Strength to SupportAs a Freemason we often hear that we should be able to contribute to the relief of a distressed Brother, his widow, and orphans.

While I completely agree with the spirit of the statement it leaves out a group of people that should be at the front of every Freemason’s mind.

His family.

It’s a thought that has struck home of late for me as I have two family members battling cancer with varying degrees of success. Over the last several months I have had to bow out of events much to the dismay of several of my Brothers who either didn’t remember I had a conflict or seemed to think that I should be there to support the Lodge anyway.

I’m hoping that this is more the exception than the norm but there are times when I’m unsure.

I know that for some Freemasonry is their number one priority and it trumps everything short of them being unable to get out of bed. These are Freemasons that I both admire and shake my head at. Yes, Freemasonry is something that I take seriously but not to the near exclusion of everything else.

Many times we talk at Lodge meetings about all the upcoming events that we need to support. There are meals, fundraisers, visitations, education classes, but when was the last time you heard mention that you should stay home and take care of the family.

Yes, Freemasonry is something that is very important to many of us and while we should endeavor to attend as many events as possible but we also need to understand that our family needs our support too.

The bonds of brotherhood are strong but nothing is stronger than family. When the time comes to stand by your family and support them, you should not hesitate. Don’t look at your calendar and contemplate, don’t try and figure out a way to juggle both, support your family.

They will be appreciative of the support and you will be a better Freemason for it.