Taking a moment to reflect

By | August 24, 2016

time-to-reflectSo often in life we rush from one event to the next, stress over the latest project that needs to be done, or wonder how we’ll get everyone to where they need to be.

In our always moving, always on lives it’s important to take a moment and reflect on where we are, where we’re going, and where we’ve been. On some of my other blogs I’ve written I would include statistics, SMART goals for the upcoming year, and similar items – after all if you don’t set a goal and track to it you’ll never get there.

I’m not going to do that here.

Today is a day for me to reflect on things. It’s been a year since I started writing here kicking things off while honoring the past. On the whole the year has been a good one. I’ve written a number of posts and some even were commented on. I’ve also grown a twitter and facebook following with some fantastic folks who I message with regularly.

It hasn’t been all good though. I did have a stretch of time when I didn’t write and post here. I also a spent few nights (ok, more than a few) researching methods to market this blog and grow the readership – something I stopped when I realized I didn’t need to if I just wrote and shared.

I also had to deal with more personal tragedy this year as my mother passed away. It was a big blow not just to me and my siblings but also to the larger family, something that we’re still sorting the emotions on.

As I sit here in a waiting room with my wife in surgery I’m given a chance to not just reflect but also to look forward to the year ahead.

I’ve already started to get the wheels turning with ideas for blog posts again and made a commitment to myself, that I’m now echoing here, not to get sucked into all the marketing hype again. I’m looking forward to serving as an officer in my Lodge again. Finally, I’m looking forward to spending time with the kids and have already set plans in motion for a family vacation – one that we all truly need.

I'm pictured here (right) with my father, Wor. Peter Newbury (left), at my Installation as Master in 2009.

I’m pictured here (right) with my father, Wor. Peter Newbury (left), at my Installation as Master in 2009.

Lastly, I just want to say thanks again to the man who served as mentor, friend, and father to me, Peter Newbury. You may recall that I started this blog on the anniversary of his passing, today marks five years since his passing. I hope he’s had a chance to look things over here at the site and that he approves. I know that I always look to him for guidance, even now, when things get a bit sticky or challenging.

Thanks Dad.