About Scot

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Let me first say hello and welcome you to my corner of the web.

If I were following the guidance of all the gurus out there I would write this in the third person. I would also fill it with all sorts of keywords, phrases and other items to push me up in the search engines. That wouldn’t help you get to know me though, would it.

A quick word of warning, I’m likely to post about several different topics on this site. I’m not going to subscribe to the “pick a niche” mentality that so many bloggers out there follow. I’m going to pull from all of my background.

My working career

I’ve had an interesting professional career. My resume looks like the phrase, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I’ve held a lot of positions and learned a lot over the years.

My work career has spanned positions in several areas. I’ve been in retails sales, technical support, instructional design and delivery, project management, departmental management, and most recently web development.

My Masonic career

Along with my working career, the other major area of my life is the Masonic fraternity, or Freemasons. I started my Masonic journey in DeMolay as a youth and then followed three generations into the fraternity (I’m also the father of a Mason now) at the tender age of 21. Since becoming a Master Mason I’ve gone through “the line” and served as Worshipful Master of my Lodge in 2009-10. I served as a District Deputy Grand Master for the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire from 2019-2022. I’m also a member of the Grand Lodge Communications Committee and an occasional panelist on the New Hampshire Cornerstone Podcast.

I also volunteer as a advisor for the local DeMolay Chapter.

A few final tidbits

The constant through all of the above has been my family. My wife of over 25 years, my three, now grown, children, and our pets – two dogs and two cats. I have to thank them for the support they’ve given and continue to give me.

I’m also an avid reader and currently play Magic the Gathering with a group of guys that I’ve known and gamed with for almost 20 years.

So, you may ask, why this site? Why yet another blog in the ocean that is the internet?

At my core I’ve always been about sharing knowledge and teaching. It is my hope that by writing here I can continue that personal mission to share and teach.

I hope you’ll bookmark the site. You can also signup to get notified by email or by twitter and maybe, you’ll find something interesting or useful along the way.