Are you looking through rose colored glasses?

By | 2021-01-13

It might seem like a simple question but so often we all look at things from only one point of view – our own.

And it’s not just our point of view, we color everything based on our own experiences from how we grew up, to the people we work with, to what we read, and watch on tv. We don’t realize we are even doing most of the time and it’s a habit we all need to try and break.

It’s not easy, even with the acknowledgement that we are doing it we still do it. Is there a way to break the cycle? There is no simple way to do it but I would recommend that the next time you’re looking at something, especially something new, take a moment and think through what you are looking at.

Are you seeing what it really is, or are you letting your own emotions get in the way and color what you are looking at?

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