Continuing the journey

By | 2021-02-01
Photo by Kun Fotografi from Pexels

As the calendar flips and I move into my second month, it’s time to adjust the journey.

When I reset the blog and started this journey I made the decision to start with a clean slate. That also meant I skipped the graphics and a custom theme. I wanted this site to really be a clean slate and a fresh start.

So with the initial leg of the journey done I’ll be making some updates to the site. The first change, as you likely noticed, was to start including some images and graphics in my posts. A bit of flavor and color to make them more interesting.

I will be honest, I won’t be going all out from the start, it’ll be a slow deliberate shift. However, there will likely be some bumps along the way. One of the things I mentioned in my last post is that I need to make this my platform. Which means it will also server as my “playground.”

So there will likely be things that come and go. There will be things that might not work quite the way they are intended. The site will always stay up, and I will continue to post, those will remain constant.

Why would I do that to a live site? I’m going to be trying to embrace the “learn in public” philosophy that many folks follow. I invite you to share your thoughts on things and let me know what you think.

I’m also going to start sharing the other things I’m working on and learning as well. As I mentioned I don’t have just one area in my life and this blog will follow my wanderings through all those topics.

I hope you’d like to join me on the journey by signing up for my newsletter as this should be an interesting trip.

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