Just because you can

By | 2021-02-04

doesn’t mean you should.

Today I decided to add the todoist plugin to my Obsidian notes installation. It’s one of those plugins that I’m not sure yet if it’ll stay.

From a technical perspective it works well and does what it should. If you use Todoist and Obsidian I would recommend you take a look at it. The trick is that you need to be in preview mode to take advantage of it.

For me that’s part of the hang up, I take a lot of notes and need to be in edit mode, not preview mode. Shifting back and forth is fairly easy, a quick hotkey stroke and I can jump back and forth. The challenge is always returning to the note with the task list as I rarely stay on that note during the day.

It’s something that I’m looking at as I’m not sure that’s a change I want to make in my workflow. I’ll give it some time and then evaluate as to whether to keep it or not.

That’s something you should always do. You test, evaluate, change, and then test again. You just need to be careful that you don’t make too many changes at once, or too quickly. Patience is the key.

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