A Beginning

By | 2022-01-01
The journey is on. Great way to start your next adventure
Photo by Maxime Horlaville on Unsplash

Once again the calendar has flipped a page and we find ourselves starting a new year. It means a new start for some, a continuation of what has been going on for others, for me anyway, I’m just going to mark it as a beginning.

A year ago I set out to post something everyday and managed to do so for 36 days – not exactly a stellar performance on my part and this year I hope to do better.

Last year I let a lot things get in the way of me writing and posting. The single biggest item that impact me was that I was in the midst of hunting for employment and that sapped all my time and energy. That experience taught me a lot of things and helped me to determine where I have some shortfalls. So in addition to working on a regular posting cadence I have some other things to focus on and will be trying out some different techniques, processes, and tools to get me back on track. I’ll be sure to share things along the way.

I’m also going to be sticking to how I set things up last year, no specific topic, no ‘niche’, just my thoughts and ideas. That’s something that I know still flies in the face of the norm and I know there will be some that feel that I’m crazy for doing it but we each need to chart our own course.

So welcome back to my corner of the internet, my home base so to speak, and feel free to drop a line in the comments and say hello.

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