Returning home

By | 2022-08-02

It’s hard to believe that the last time I wrote on this site was back at the first of the year. When I wrote that, it had been my intention to get back to writing and sharing things with you here, alas, I stumbled yet again.

The last several months have continued to be a learning experience for me. I’ve said goodbye to some responsibilities, said hello to others, and somewhere in the midst of all that I have heard the call to return home, to my little log cabin in the wilderness that is the internet.

And to be honest, that’s how I’m going to start looking at this site, my home on the internet.

In today’s way of thinking we post our lives on Facebook, our careers on LinkedIn, we shout out on Twitter, and then there’s Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and whatever else is out there and we continue to segment ourselves. Why? Why is there this need to segment ourselves, to isolate the different parts of our lives from each other? Why do we feel it is necessary to share things on platforms which then take our data and use it against us?

I’m not saying that we should all just drop off the social media sites of today, and I’m not going to tell you what you should do, we must each make our own way in this world. For some that will be on social media for me, I’m taking a different path.

This site, my “corner of the internet” as it were, will be my home going forward. I’m not going to give up my accounts on social media, but I will be making every effort to make this place, my home. This is the place where you are welcome to visit, the place where you can find me, see what I’m up to, and what I’m thinking about.

There are changes coming, some good, some maybe not so good, there will be experiments with the site, and there will likely be things I post about that you either won’t care about or disagree with – that’s all okay. It’s like visiting someone in the real world, we call all agree and agree to disagree, as long as we always part as friends.

Welcome to my home, don’t mind the mess, there’s always something being worked on.

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