A Clean Slate

By | 2021-01-01

So the calendar has flipped, the fireworks have been shot off, the party favors picked up, and New Year’s resolutions made (and some are already broken), so now what?

For a lot of folks today, after getting a late start, will much like any other day, for me however, I’m using it to wipe the slate clean and work on building some new habits.

For those that might remember, several years ago I used to blog here and followed all the rules. Pick one topic, focus on it, work to build evergreen content, push it out on social media, and so on. Today I’ve wiped the slate clean.

All the posts were archived off, all the crap that I had installed to help the site run has been removed, and I’m starting over. This time it’s just about the writing, just about sharing thoughts and ideas, and I’m not limiting myself to just a single topic.

It should be interesting and I’m hoping you’ll stop by from time to time to do a bit of reading, and share what you find interesting.

So while I’m thankful that 2020 has ended, I’m looking forward 2021 and how I fill this corner of the internet.

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