Filling the hole

By | 2021-01-02

Last night I made the time to sit down and watch the just released Minimalist documentary, Less is Now on Netflix.

I enjoyed the original documentary they did and while some of the ground covered in this new one is the same it also goes head first at the trap so many come across.

To fill the hole inside us, we buy stuff.

As I look around my own home and office, it’s become clear that I too fell for the trap as well and have started to as the question, “do I really need all this?”

I hadn’t really thought about it when I started to map out my 2021 but after seeing the documentary I’m thinking that I need to start setting aside some time everyday, 15 minutes or so, to just start clearing. I’m not going to get rid of everything, but I need to get rid of the stuff I don’t need.

So, take a look around where you are, do you see things that are there because they bring you joy and contribute to your life in some way? Or is it just stuff?

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