By | 2021-01-05

I’m just as guilty of it as many others, I have something I need or want to do and I just can’t seem to get started on it.

Now I know that there are a variety of reasons that folks will use to hold off, however, we all know that in most cases their just excuses and a way to procrastinate.

There are legitimate reasons for not starting a project, you don’t have the correct resources, you have a deadline for another project that needs to take priority, sometimes though you’re waiting for permission to start.

The question is, do you need permission from someone else or is it an internal voice that’s stopping you. It might not be saying you need permission, it might be saying, “you don’t have the time.” or “it has to be perfect,” or even “you don’t have the skill to do this.” In most of those cases you’re looking for permission to get going.

So do what I did with this blog, just begin, and if you need it, you have my permission, along with the universe, to get started.

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