The daily blog

By | 2021-01-06

Seth Godin has made it a practice for years to post to his blog on a daily basis and to date he has thousands of blog posts on his site and it’s likely one of the most read blogs out there. I stumbled upon it some time back and with the beginning of this year decided to give the daily blog habit a go.

According to Seth the longer you work at this the easier it gets and the benefits are worth the effort. The following is from his blog post, The first 1,000 are the hardest,

For years, I’ve been explaining to people that daily blogging is an extraordinarily useful habit. Even if no one reads your blog, the act of writing it is clarifying, motivating and (eventually) fun.

Now 1,000 blog posts is a ways off but I’ve at least started the process of working towards that goal and every day brings me a step closer.

Six down, 994 to go.

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