Just because you can . . .

By | 2021-01-30

Doesn’t mean you should.

We all fall into the trap. We think up a new idea, something we want to dig into and just go for it.

I just went through this myself. I came across a service for something I’ve been thinking about doing. Signed up. I then spent several days running through the configuration setup. It got to the point where everything was set to go and then I hesitated.

That hesitation allowed me to stop and think about what I was doing. I am still interested in that project but realize that I might just be spreading myself too thin.

It’s great to have lots of project and things to work on. There is the downside though, you have to have time to work on all of it. You need to have the bandwidth to cover everything and keep all the balls in the air. When I looked at everything, that’s where I ended up, looking at one too many irons in the fire right now.

The important thing is that this isn’t a lost opportunity, it’s just delayed. I have all the pieces still in place and can go back to it when I want.

That’s the important takeaway for you, be objective when looking at things. You need to take emotion out of the equation and be realistic about what you’re doing.

It just might be better to wait, take the time to think on it and make a better, well balanced decision.

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