Stop and smell the roses

By | 2021-01-29

There comes a time when the days are just flying by, nothing seems to stand still. In the blink of an eye the calendar shows a new year, a new decade, and then the kids are suddenly grown.

Life happens at a constant pace, it never slows down, the tick of the clock is a constant reminder of time. We all hear it and most of us opt to push the pedal to the floor and go all out trying to accomplish anything and everything, “make our mark on the world!”

It’s unfortunate really, we miss out on so much when we do that. I missed so many of my kids’ firsts as I was working at jobs with long commutes, or in startups where the hours were long and travel was expected. I did realize, not as soon as I wish I had, that there are many blessings in life we give up without realizing it. All because we’re moving at breakneck speed.

So the next time you feel time flowing by at a dizzying pace, stop, take a moment to smell the roses and enjoy a bit of life with those that are supporting you. Your family and friends will appreciate it.

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