The move to plain text

With so many tools out there why plain text? For me the answer is all about flexibility. I know there are many out there that feel the big reason to use plain text is the fact that’s future proof. That is a completely true statement and plain text will be around for a long time,… Read More »

Don’t jump on the bandwagon

One of the things that so many folks look to do is “jump on the bandwagon” and join in the latest trend. Why? Why would you be a follower when you could be a leader? Instead of following along with everyone else, forge your own path. Write your own story. Just because everyone else is… Read More »

Continuing the journey

As the calendar flips and I move into my second month, it’s time to adjust the journey. When I reset the blog and started this journey I made the decision to start with a clean slate. That also meant I skipped the graphics and a custom theme. I wanted this site to really be a… Read More »

One month in, here’s what I’ve learned

It’s hard to believe but a month has already gone by. I started out the year with a goal to post something every day and while I’m only a month in there are a few things I’ve already learned. Block the time You can put “write blog post” on your task list, doesn’t mean it’s… Read More »

Just because you can . . .

Doesn’t mean you should. We all fall into the trap. We think up a new idea, something we want to dig into and just go for it. I just went through this myself. I came across a service for something I’ve been thinking about doing. Signed up. I then spent several days running through the… Read More »