Plan the work, work the plan

By | 2021-01-08

It’s a statement that I’ve heard frequently, “plan the work then, work the plan.” Simple enough, right? Unfortunately for many of us, myself included, we don’t always follow the advice.

I believe for many the issue at hand is trying to come up with that plan, not the little projects and tasks mind you, it’s the big ones, life goals and the infamous interview question, “where do you see yourself in five years?” type planning.

The hardest part of the process is trying to come up with not just the plan, but answering the question, “what should the plan be?”

I was working on getting caught up on my backlog of articles in my RSS reader (yes, that’s still a thing) and came across an article by Darius Forox entitled, The Life Plan: How To Plan Your Days, Months, and Years – it’s not a long read and I would recommend it to you,

He lays out a simple, easy to follow and understand process for planning out your life taking and chunking it up into smaller bit-sized pieces that you can implement.

So do you have a plan? If not, maybe take the few minutes to read Darius’s post and get started.

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